May 10, 2017

Run Forrest Run


Sprint Duathlon AGE GROUPER 35-39 SORIA, SPAIN


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Posted by: jeni

Training- Tick

Food- Tick

Race Weight- Tick

Flights Checked in -Tick

Accommodation -Tick

Bike Packed -Tick

So you train all year for an event, not just a local race but a GB AGEgroup race and the night before you trip and fall over a god dam water bottle, and sprain your ankle.... hmmm the gods have spoken!!  Do I ignore the blue,  swollen cankle or do I nurse myself back to health and miss the race?!

Nope lets just crack on and get on the flight to Spain. So off we go, my friend who is terrified of flying and me the elephant lady!

SO .. I race ( 5k run. 20k Cycle. 2.5k run) and manage to get back in one piece. Entering into a race with that level of skill is daunting with a dodgy, sprained ankle. My only hope was that i wasn't last - Phew I didn't- I came 8th in my AgeGroup. I was happy with that :))

So what did I learn..... yet again..... the mind can take you places even when your body cannot. I'm sure most people would have done the same and ploughed through the race. 

So my advice to you would be, don't run with a spained ankle but do listen to your body.

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