Aug 13, 2015

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4 great reasons to enter a Triathlon

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As a personal trainer, I live and breathe training and relish the opportunity to take on new challenges. Triathlons are just a small part of my life but they are ever-expanding – especially in and around my home town of Northampton - and I would love for YOU to give them a go. Here are four reasons why…


Triathlons are for everyone!
Whether you are 10 years old or 65 years old, Triathlons create sporting opportunities for all. Everyone has an opportunity to enter, and with many events now grouping competitors by age range and ability, there’s no added pressure to keep up with the pack. You never know, you may just surprise yourself and claim that podium finish…

Improve your organisational skills!
Never mind all the physical and mental preparation – simply getting to an event on time presents an obstacle for me! Organising my amenities for the day used to be quite the chore, but the more Triathlons I’ve competed in, the more efficient I’ve become. Towel? Check. Energy gels? Check. Positive mental attitude? Check!

Excite your body!
The three disciplines ask your body to fire up all systems - aerobic, anaerobic, strength and power. Once prepared for the challenging variety - varying from the mad, cold, dash of the swim, to the grind and burn of the cycle – you’ll notice a huge difference (and hopefully a huge buzz) in how your body responds to these new demands. Moreover, short distance Triathlons are just as exciting because you’re swiftly switching from one element to the next. If anything, it's over too quickly!


Not a runner? Not a problem!
Some presume being a strong runner is an essential element to being a good triathlete. Not true. Naturally it can benefit you (especially as it’s the last leg of the three), but so can gaining a good start in the swim or a good middle leg in the cycle. Regardless of whether you may think tackling a trio of disciplines in just one event is a daunting prospect, I can assure you - providing you have the right mindset - it really doesn’t have to be. The multitude of talents can allow the slowest runner to be a potential winner – I’ve seen it happen!

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