Oct 1, 2015

Growing & Picking your Own Veg


There's nothing like picking your own ... then gobbling them down! I mean ...who wants to trek around Waitrose ...AGAIN!!

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Posted by: jeni

I know it sounds geeky ( I am a complete geek! ) but planting my teeny weeny seeds this Spring, and watching them grow into the most beautiful mustardy lettuce, bright red beetroot ( a success) and mini mis-shapened carrots ( not quite a success) has been a real luxury!!


I've made beetroot juice for my AJBell London Tri, carrot soup for friends, exchanged veggies with other fellow growers and created a Beetroot and Coconut Paleo Style soup for clients.


I feel wholesome, clean, healthy and full of nutrients. Nothing beats fresh produce! Lets stay away from GM Foods and packaged foods which as we all know are full of SUGAR!

I want to say a big THANK YOU to my buddy for teaching me to get grubby in my own garden .. (You know who you are x)

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