Oct 21, 2015

Holdenby Duathlon and 10k Race

The XC Season has started....
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Posted by: jeni

WOW ! What a start to the XC Season... Now I love hills, multi- terrain and luscious green fields to scarper across, but last weekends race at Holdenby challenged my leg power and balance. What a hill 1/3/ of the way in and then knowing the we had to do it all over again!

Great race! Great atmosphere! Today was one of my lovely client's first 5k Race. Before we started, we were sitting in our cars, on the net looking at nonsense, and then realised the race was about to start. So we quickly made our way to the start line. I then joked and said " Podium then girl" ...we shrugged it off and off went the horn!  

Bumping into a few people I recognised, and a 70 yr old lady Dualthlon competitor, kept me going. It's always great to see familiar smiley faces (hope your IT Band is better Andy?!).

I push through the finish line, knowing I could have ran better, and on route having my other lovely client, wave and shoot past me up the hill.  (Well done you by the way- awesome running!)

 We arrive back exhausted but elated to see 'new to running cheeky lass' standing on the podium taking 1st female for the 5k race. Embarrased but happy, she takes the award and quickly jumps off. What a great morning for both ladies. Lets do it again soon ! 

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