Jan 31, 2016

3 weeks of NO added SUGAR & a 1.5kg weight drop


SUGAR... A poison for the brain!

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SO  sugar is in everything! They come in the form of hidden sugars… natural sugars…man-made sugars... fruit sugars..  milk sugars…  added sugar.

Here is a list of sugars:

Honey and Molasses

Fructose Corn Syrup

Fruit Sugar

Coarse Sugar

Golden Syrup

White/brown Sugar




Cane Juice


Is Sugar the cause of depression? Can it cause anxiety? 

Sugar causes inflammation of the brain. Insulin resistant fat cells pack on when you eat too much sugar. These 'Cytokines’' damage and cause swelling to the brain. So not only does the BELLY swell, the BRAIN does too. Therefore causing depression.

Psychiatrists are starting to treat depression with diabetic drugs to lower blood sugar, lower insulin and reduce inflammation.

1 SMALL Teaspoon of SUGAR = 4 g per serving = 1 Cube of Sugar


Below are our favourite alcoholic beverages and their sugar content. This will amaze you...

G & T - 4 Teaspoons

White Wine - 1.25 grams

Vodka and Cranberry - 7.5 Teaspoons

Red Wine- 1/3 Teaspoon

Beer - LOW in Sugar- 1/3 Teaspoon


So cut out all added sugars and see a huge change in energy, body shape and mind-set! 

















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