May 24, 2016

Jelly fish Face

Mallorca Half Ironman May 16
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Posted by: jeni

You enter an event... you start to then start to wonder why you entered..  Then you start to make excuses for the lack of training... then its RACE DAY !!!

This was one of the toughest things I've done lately. I’ve done a fair few things in my time but this challenged me BIG TIME! I'm used to Sprint Tri's, 5 k Park Runs, CrossFit and Half marathons- so the thought of 6 hours of continuous exercise was mind blowing for me but I'm so glad I did it.

Sunny Mallorca wasn't so sunny on race day. You choose an event for the weather, and you get torrential rain from start to finish. Nothing in life is guaranteed (so my Dad says, he's so right!). Swimming the ocean, with choppy waters and unknown to me, jellyfish, was the biggest challenge. I take my hat off to those who are new to swimming, yet challenge themselves with the big blue sea.

The 56 mile cycle (on a hire bike), actually ended up being the best choice. I didn't have to contend with dragging a bike through the airport, assembling it late at night in the hotel room or worrying about things falling off. This bike was designed for climbing- the 40 minute- 5% assent on race day was a dream - I whizzed past all the TT bikes and made it to the top in no time :)

The run. 13 miles! I love running. I love running that much, I'd run twice a day. But oh my... how hard was it to run at 7.15 m/m after the bike leg. I'm sure towards the end I was shuffling on the spot.


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