“I have had Jeni Kirby for 5 years , after having my son.  In that time i have lost over 2 stone and 2 dress sizes and she has given me confidence and helped me feel more self assured.  She has helped me strive to live a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a weight and fitness I feel happy with.”
- Rachael Rubython, Northampton.

“I have been having Personal Training with Jeni Kirby for nearly 3 years now.

Jen visits me 3 times per week & we do a mixture of boxing, kettle bell drills and weight training and stretching.My goal with Jeni was to increase my flexibility, reduce my body fat, lose inches, get stronger in my upper body and be fit enough to play with my grand-daughter – I have achieved all!!

I have lost at least 1 dress size, my aches and pains have disappeared, my body fat has decreased, my flexibility in my hips has improved, and I can keep up with my 3 year old grand-daughter , lifting, holding, playing,moving around into awkward positions – this has been my dream and I have achieved it.

Thank you Jen!”
- Rozmin Lalani, Northampton

“I started having weekly sessions with Jeni in 2009. I had been a member of the gym for a couple of years prior to this but, despite joining with good intentions, I very rarely went! Having PT sessions was the only way I could motivate myself to go!
It was great to have someone give me tailored, focused exercises to do and set me goals for my fitness. However if I’m honest, I still didn’t go to the gym on my own and didn’t really appreciate all the potential benefits.
It was only when I had some very difficult personal circumstances to deal with that Jeni came into her own. Her motivation and support helped me to recover physically and her life coaching skills enabled me to recover my self-esteem and belief; for which I will be eternally grateful.
I now realize what an asset it is to have such a fabulous personal trainer. I enjoy my sessions thoroughly and have noticed a vast difference in my fitness. My motivation is the best it’s ever been and I am now preparing for sprint distance triathlons and a marathon later this year. Whereas before you’d be most likely to find me having a lie in and then snuggling up on the sofa on my days off I’m now more likely to be seen running around Pitsford or Salcey Forest or racking up the miles on my bike!
Jeni is a great personal trainer and over time she has also become a great friend, thank you so much!”  

Julia Weatherill, Northampton

“It’s been a year long journey with JKPT and through hard work and some laughs, we have achieved many goals along the way.

Firstly I made the Ladies National League Division 2 Basketball Team. This was a huge achievement for me, as I hadn’t played at this level in over 10yrs! Secondly, I ran my furthest distance ever in The British Asics 10k run in London in July, I have ran 5 other 10k races since, reaching a personal best each time. Thirdly and most importantly to me, I dropped 2 dress sizes in plenty of time for my Wedding Day on May 28th in Italy. JKPTs support, advice, meal plans, training programmes and encouragement has been awesome! I couldn’t have done it without JKPT!”
- Laura, Northampton

“Being stick thin is often the envy of everyone who has to watch what they eat. Years of “you’re so lucky you are thin” …or worse “you look ill, you need to eat more” comments kind of grind you down. After years of wanting to have some sort of shape and definition to my body and get fit, but being so self conscious that going to the gym offered an excitement factor of exactly zero, I knew expert help was needed. Learning to combine effective exercise with good diet isn’t so easy on your own, so getting someone to teach you made sense. JKPT was the perfect partner for the task and helped enormously. It is a very personal, very positive experience. My advice – take a leap of faith in yourself and your trainer and be prepared to be thrilled.”
- Andy, Northampton

“JKPT planned challenging sessions and although I protested (a lot!) they were thoroughly enjoyable! JKPT encouraged me to start running as it would help with all my goals – I was resistant to say the least, saying I was not built to run! After a lot of encouragement and patience I learnt how to run properly, and in March completed my first 10k cross country race. I am now an addicted runner.

My strength has improved dramatically through my sessions with JKPT and I now teach pole fitness 3 times a week. I train daily and my whole lifestyle is tailored around health and fitness something I never thought possible. My confidence is back and I am now looking at my next goal of dropping those last few pounds for my up coming Wedding. JKPT HAS BEEN MOTIVATIONAL AND SUPPORTIVE AND HELPED ME FIND THE OLD ME!”
- Claire, Northampton

“My life has completely changed since training with JKPT. I have moved up a group in my local hockey team and I now feel so fit and confident whilst playing matches. My personal life has improved, and I now like my shape and physique. In the gym I attend all classes (spin, body pump and the organised running groups), all of which I stayed clear of 6 months ago. I workout with my friends and sometimes like to lead the sessions we have together.

I previously was a size 18 and I am now a size 8-10 and I now feel that from all the inspiration from JKPT, I can forever lead a healthy lifestyle. I feel I have truly changed my behaviour towards my lifestyle.”
-Lizz, Northampton

Here’s what others have to say about our Professional Life Coach:

“I find Annie a very reliable, warm and empathic person who demonstrates a genuine enthusiasm to encourage young people and adults to achieve their potential. This requires effective listening skills, an encouraging attitude and a deep understanding of how people develop.”
- Esme, Milton Keynes

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